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Welcome to
Farmyard Lamb and Beef, online meat supplier and direct Beef and Lamb order service.
Farmyard Lamb and Beef West Wales is a traditional butcher for modern living. We have been family butchers and serving the public with our unique sweet tasting Lamb and Beef for over 50 years.
Over time we have kept pace with the ever changing market and have managed to survive the dominance of the supermarket outlet simply by offering top quality succulent Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef cuts at very
reasonable prices.
All products bearing the FAWL logo provide the customer with an identifiable guarantee of farming standards. Consumers can therefore be confident in the knowledge that by purchasing Welsh Beef and Welsh Lamb online from us that they are indeed buying meat of the highest quality.
All our products are home reared and farm assured livestock.
We are proud of the care that is put into producing our animals. All are fattened on sweet Welsh grass, silage or hay, and rolled barley is used as a supplement with no artificial growth aids used.
We are now pleased to bring you our home delivery service which allows you to order online Welsh Lamb & Beef from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
We have used our vast experience in the industry to develop a service for people who still appreciate fine dining.
We offer a wide selection of high quality fresh meat from individual trimmed racks of lamb, to standard roasting joints for the weekend. Whether you need fresh meat for fancy dinner parties, summer barbecues, or simply for your own home cooking, we will deliver direct to your door at a competitive price.
       Welsh farmers are renowned for their ability to convert quality grassland into top quality Lamb & Beef.
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The alluvial soils of the Welsh mountain slopes are rich in minerals that are perfect for producing the finest quality lamb and beef. Cattle thrive in this unspoilt environment producing meat that is succulent, sweet and of the highest standard.
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